Game on: Menstrual Cup vs. Tampons

menstrual cup

Our Lunette fans already know that the Lunette menstrual cup is a better alternative to disposable pads and tampons. Dealing with less hassle equals more freedom and the team at Lunette knows that’s something worth shouting from the rooftops- or sharing with over the Internet.

So, we created this uber-sharable “Menstrual Cups Versus Tampons” infographic! This graphic is the perfect, non-menstrual cup-in-your-face way of sharing the benefits of switching to reusables! After all, you’ve found a great thing, why not share the benefits of reusable menstrual cups with your friends!

“LOVE! Better than Divacup/Femmecup/Ladycup/Mooncup. Both sizes work great! I didn’t feel it at all (even lying down at night), and I actually forgot that it was in! It’s not as messy as I imagined…and it’s so easy to clean! I even felt more in touch with my body and it gave me the feeling of doing ‘the right thing!!’ I am hooked and I will 100% recommend Lunette to all of my friends.”


Benefits to using a menstrual cup:

  • The Lunette only needs to be emptied 2-3 times a day during normal flow.
  • Menstrual cups simply contains menstrual fluid. The Lunette cup is non-drying and non-irritating to the vaginal tissue.
  • Save the planet, AND save money! No applicators. No wrappers. NO TRASH!
  • Menstrual cups, like the Lunette is one time cost!

Disadvantages of tampons:

  • Tampons need to be changed every 4-8 hours. (By the way, you should never wait more than 8 hours to change a tampon.)
  • Absorbs fluid- Including lubricating vaginal fluids. Ouch!
  • Excessive menstrual hygiene waste is harsh on the environment! Applicators, wrappers, trash, OH MY!
  • The average menstruating person will spend between $84 per year on disposable menstrual protection.

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