7 Yoga Poses to Help Ease Menstrual Pain

There are some people who rock their Lululemon’s and actually go to yoga. And there are other people who are sporting yoga pants and laying in savasana...in their bed while they watch Netflix. Hey, no judgment. But if you’ve been thinking about doing yoga and lacking the motivation to actually roll out your mat at home or head to a class, you might be interested in this: yoga can actually help ease cramps, headache, anxiety, and other period-related symptoms. If you practice yoga for a long time, these benefits will be even more likely but even doing period yoga for 5 minutes can help even your most stubborn period pains disappear. 

Bandhas ease cramps

Bandhas, in particular, can help ease cramps. Sanskrit for “lock”, “seal”, or “bind”, there are three bandhas that are essentially muscular contractions designed to help you focus on your awareness and breath, and move through postures with a sense of lightness. Mula bandha is the steady contraction of the perineum (the muscle between your genitals and anus) and aids you in experiencing a sense of lightness. Uddiyana bandha is a muscular contraction four inches below the navel, allowing you to bring your breath into your rib cage. Lastly, Jalandhara bandha, the contraction of dropping your head to your chest. This lock is more rare but is said to prevent energy from escaping out of your upper body.

7 easy asanas

Different poses have different benefits but we’ve rounded up 7 easy poses that will have you saying “ommmm” and “ahhhh”.

1. Bound Angle Pose - Baddha Konasana

Diarrhea and constipation are par for the course when it comes to periods, thanks to the release of prostaglandins that cause your uterus to contract. Not super fun but, thankfully, bound angle pose can help. Not only does it soothe your digestive system but it can also provide relief from painful menstrual cramps. Oh, and it stimulates your ovaries making it a reproductive health power pose. If you’re feeling fatigued, spend some time in bound angle—it’ll revive your energy, too.

2. Reclined Bound Angle - Supta Baddha Konasana

Period-induced anxiety making you feel a bit cray? You need this pose. Reclined bound angle is similar to bound angle but you’re leaning back instead of forward. And the list of PMS symptoms that this pose helps is extensive—from fatigue and insomnia to anxiety to headaches, your period doesn’t stand a chance against this relaxing post. Since you’re leaning back into the pose, your abdominal muscles relax which can help ease cramping.

3. Child’s Pose - Balasana

Yoga isn’t just about external flexibility. The impact of many poses also benefits your organs, acting as a sort of internal massage. Child’s pose does this by flexing your reproductive organs, as well as releasing tension in your back, shoulders, and neck. If you’re among the masses of uterus owners who feel achy in the muscles and joints during menstruation, you’ll love this simple pose. Stay in it as long as you want—the calming effects it has on your mind are just as beneficial as the relaxation your body will feel.

4. Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend - Upavistha Konasana

Speaking of mind-calming poses, wide angle seated forward bend (that’s a mouthful) is where it’s at. On your period or not, stretch into this pose when the stress of life is getting to you. Like with every other pose, the benefits aren’t singular. This forward bend helps to stimulate your abdominal organs, leading to less painful cramps (both in the short and long-term).

5. Reclining Twist - Bharadvaja

One of the most popular poses for dealing with menstrual pain is the reclining twist. Why? Because it feels good and has massive health benefits. For starters, your back and hips will get a great stretch (much-needed if you’re dealing with aches and pains from your period). But your digestive organs are getting just as much stimulation due to the fresh blood flow from this pose. Win-win!

6. Inverted leg pose - Viparita Karani

Physical, mental, and emotional benefits abound in this pose. Like with many of the other poses we’ve talked about, inverted leg pose improves circulation and digestion, lowers blood pressure, boosts energy levels, and soothes the nervous system. It’s also said to increase creative thinking and problem solving (super helpful if you’re in the stage of menstruation where you feel like you can’t focus!). Emotionally, inverted leg pose can help you keep your chill, even in the midst of angsty mood swings.

6. Head to Knee Forward Bend - Janu Sirsasana

Another forward bend? Yes. And for good reason. The stimulating effect that forward bends have on the abdominal and reproductive muscles are unparalleled. The head to knee forward bend is another pose that can be modified to your experience level. No matter how you modify it, head to knee forward bend supports your reproductive and digestive system, relieves anxiety, fatigue, headaches, menstrual cramps, and can even help soothe mild depression.

Even if you just can’t bring yourself to head to a yoga class, doing one, some, or all of these yoga poses at home will help you to manage your period pains. Because let’s be real—soothing your cramps and headaches with sugary snacks and Netflix binges is only a temporary fix. Practicing yoga for even a few minutes a day will help you feel better, longer.


Its amazing. Pain disappeared like a magic.

Kanak Papreja February 02, 2023

Doing reverse legs poses during blood flow and period is highly contraindicated!!!

boryana January 13, 2023

Just want to say try once and see the relieve. It will just take 10 min.

Indu bala July 29, 2022

I usually come here to check these your yoga exercises whenever I’m having menstrual pains and I always feel relieved. Thank you so much guys.

Anuoluwapo July 19, 2022

I usually come here to check these your yoga exercises whenever I’m having menstrual pains and I always feel relieved. Thank you so much guys.

Anuoluwapo July 19, 2022

Thank you so much for this eye opener.. people used to say the cramps are normal and every girl has to undergo this.. I really suffered a lot.. I used to take pills but now I am happy about these yoga poses which has relieved almost 80% of my pain and cramps..

Thaarini May 17, 2022

Thank you so much, I love it.
It really helped me.

Ella January 26, 2022

Thank you so much, I love it.
It really helped me.

Ella January 26, 2022

It really works. Thank you so much…


Thank you for these period pain focused yoga poses. I get excruciating, debilitating period pain every 24 days and have to take painkillers to cope with the most basic of tasks.
So I understand the possible disappointment that some people who have commented negatively about your videos may feel but come on guys! Be fair! Did you really expect that doing some simple yoga poses would miraculously disappeared your extreme pain in a few seconds? This is a supplementary aid which MAY help stretch and release tight muscles- not a miracle cure. Reducing extreme period pain usually requires a multi-faceted health plan where you investigate vitamin and mineral deficiencies, blood health and also the possibility of things like endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids etc.

Btw, I find that a gentle lunge can also stretch and somewhat release those muscles that are spasming and cramping around the pelvis.

Thanks for putting this together 🙏🏻

Gabriel October 25, 2021

Ladies, girls, I’m 45 and recently been diagnosed with adenomyosis. The pain is debilitating. Only a hysterectomy to cure it. My reason for posting is I suffered for 30+ years with severe cramping. It was painful and I was told it was normal. Pain when you are keeling over, vomiting, or cannot do everyday things is NOT NORMAL. Please please get to a doctor and insist on tests for endo. No women should suffer like this. If your mother, sister, you, cousin, aunt, grandma of friends suffer like this reach out to them and encourage them to go to the Dr. When you are like this you need help.

Yoga helps too. It’s not just about the poses, but deep breathing and relaxing as you go through them. Deep breathing is a game changer. Even if you sit in a chair and deep breathe it really works. Thanks for these exercises. The gentle movement took the edge off the pain.

Sally Chapman October 25, 2021

These yoga poses literally helps you in relieving pain in menstural cramps 🧿

Kanika Thakur October 12, 2021

to all the people who are being rude: everyone’s bodies are different, if it doesn’t work for you then its fine, try something else. it has worked for so many other people, stop being so mean and self centered.

kayla October 12, 2021

Hi Lorena! We recommend consulting a medical professional for period pains that are debilitating to the point of vomiting and hindering daily activities. Wishing you all the best! <3
-Team Lunette

Lunette Menstrual Mentor August 23, 2021

Works wonders. Must be done atleast once when in periods.

Ankita Som August 16, 2021

this helps a lot. have been doing this every month before and during my period. And it eases the pain quite well ☺️ thanks!

Anna August 23, 2021

I am happy to say it worked for me. I was skeptical about giving this a try due to some other poor reviews, but I’m glad I tried anyway! Thank you very much!

Britney June 29, 2021

I have heavy cramps to the point where I have no choice but to vomit and stay on the toilet can you please suggest other posses that may help, or informs Jon that’ll really help for my heavy periods

Lorena Gouws August 23, 2021

They don’t work am still in pain so I will be turning to painkillers thank u.

viki May 20, 2021

this is bull shit, i am dying and my stomach hurts so much and i want to cry you don’t even know how it is okay? I’m in design and tech and i can feel my blood drip one by one and it hurts this is not okay i hope you know that these stretches did not help me and that you need to find some new ones mate because this is absolutely bad.

rebecca May 04, 2021

Thanks for the poses i’m a teenager i’ve tried them but i still feel a little pain

Makyla davee May 04, 2021

Hi Bhava! We’re excited that you’re going to try these poses! These are poses to help your period pains, so you should definitely try them on your period to see if they offer relief! But yoga is brilliant to do even on a daily basis for your wellbeing so there is no specific time when to enjoy yoga. :) Just follow the videos and go with the flow! If you feel that one of these poses feels better than another then you should stay in the yummy poses for longer, it’s all about what feel best to YOU! :)
-Team Lunette

Lunette Menstrual Mentor March 04, 2021

Thank you,
These yoga poses were so helpful. I feel less helpless facing my period pain.

KaiSui March 04, 2021

I have heavy cramps with a toll up to 4days..hoping dez poses may help..but I have a doubt…lyk whn t do dez yoga poses during period days or on daily basis…and how long to do it

Bhava March 04, 2021

All these poses were very helpful thank you

Maya February 01, 2021

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