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The benefits to exercising on your period
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The benefits to exercising on your period

Do you exercise on your period? We know that during menstruation your energy might be low and your enthusiasm to get moving might be at an all time low. But did you know that there are actually a bunch of benefits to working out during your bleed? If you need a little inspiration to get out of your period-induced hibernation, here are just a few of the ways that exercise can help make your period a little easier to navigate. 

Improve your mood 

In the lead up to your period, the fluctuating hormones can trigger feelings of low mood and even anxiety. Whilst for many people their mood seems to lift once their bleed starts, exercise can give your serotonin levels a helping hand and speed this process up! When we exercise our body releases endorphins - feel good hormones - and this can help us feel brighter and more confident. Research has shown that people struggling with low mood at this phase of their menstrual cycle felt improved physically, mentally and emotionally when they got their heart pumping 3 times a week for 8 weeks. If you find yourself in an emotional rut around this time endorphins are our best friend - so try to get your body moving.

Reduce pain naturally 

Endorphins don’t just help you out mentally - they can also work their magic physically! A lot of the pain involved in your bleeding comes down to prostaglandins that cause muscle contractions. Endorphins help to pump out those prostaglandins and administer natural pain relief as they pump through your body. 

During your period, there is a lot of pressure around your uterus and things can feel pretty inflamed. As well as endorphins helping to relieve this pain naturally, exercise - particularly stretching- can help to open up the muscles around your womb and relieve some of this pressure. It also helps to encourage your blood to flow away from your uterus - reducing inflammation! 

Tackle period bloat

Ever notice that you’re kind of bloated during your period? That’s usually down to the inflammation we just mentioned- as well as increased water retention. Whilst bloating is pretty normal, and not something you should worry about from an aesthetic point of view - it can be painful and uncomfortable - and nobody wants that? Staying comfy is key at this time of your cycle (which is why our period panties are super stretchy!) but exercise can also help to reduce period bloat. When we exercise it encourages our digestive systems to get to work and also helps to reduce water retention and excess gas build up - all things that contribute to the dreaded period bloat. 

Helps to regulate your cycle 

There are many different reasons why your cycle could be irregular - and we’re certainly not saying that exercise alone can fix complex period health problems like PCOS. However, one of the most common reasons for late or missed periods is stress - and exercise can certainly help with that! Regular exercise also keeps your body functioning at its healthiest level - and when your body is healthy your hormones have a better chance of being balanced, and keeping things regular. It’s important to remember that too much exercise can also play havoc with your cycle - so take it easy - it’s all about balance! 

Best exercise to do during your period

If this list of benefits has inspired you to get moving during menstruation - that’s great! But what are the best exercises to do during your bleed? As your energy levels may not be at their highest right now, heading to an intense HIIT workout or trying to hit your personal best on the running track might not be the best move. However, there are plenty of exercises that are perfect for your period. Here are some of our favorites. 

Walking or low impact cardio

Aerobic exercise doesn’t have to involve 100 jumping jacks or 50 mountain climbers - it’s just about getting your heart pumping. This could be a brisk walk with your dog, a light jog to the bus stop or even dancing around your bedroom to your favorite songs! If you’re breathing hard enough that you find it hard to speak - that’s when you know your heart rate is high enough to make an impact on your wellbeing! 

Strength Training

If you’re lacking energy but still want to hit the gym, strength training can be a great way to engage your muscles without putting too much pressure on yourself - and many people find that they feel pretty strong during their bleed! Low impact resistance exercises using bands or even weights are awesome - but remember not to push yourself too hard and take breaks between sets if you need to. 


Our period is a time for rest and reflection - and there’s nowhere better to get some me-time than at a relaxing yoga class. Find a style of yoga that works for you and treat yourself to an hour of exercise meets self-care. Yoga not only benefits the mind but stretching out your body can help to reduce pressure on your pelvis and tackle period pain! 

If worrying about leaks puts you off the idea of exercising during your period - our menstrual cup is here to help. Perfect for protecting you from leaks whilst you get your body moving, it’s also better for your body and the planet! Learn more about the Lunette Cup!

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