The best period care products are not tampons or pads like you may think! Lunette menstrual cups are the future of period care!

Lunette is user-friendly tampon alternative. It's naturally hygienic, made from silky-soft medical grade silicone. Eco-logical every month: reusable for years to come, save money & the planet. Lunette means more freedom and less hassle — you can wear it up to 12 hours and overnight!

Lunette Cup Blue

Beautiful Light-Blue

Lunette Cup Clear

Classic Clear Lunette

Lunette Cup Coral

Lunette Cup Coral

Lunette Cup Violet

Purple Lunette menstrual cup

Lunette Cup Yellow

Bright Yellow Lunette Cup


Need Help Choosing the Right Size?

If you need additional help choosing your Lunette, here's our detailed sizing guide.

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