1Trash is for Tossers Lauren Singer
Jan 11, 2015    2 Comments

The Lunette cup changed the way I think of periods.

Before I had a menstrual cup I would absolutely dread periods because I felt so wasteful. I would go through about two boxes of organic cotton tampons and a box of pads each month. The upside is I was using organic products, the downside, I was producing a TON of trash! Think about it, dozens of disposables every month? Not good.

Besides making a lot of waste, I was spending tons of money when I didn’t really need to. Why? A menstrual cup is a one time purchase for about ten years.  

Let’s break it down…

A Lunette Cup: $39.99 x 1 purchase for 3 years = $39.99
Organic cotton tampons: $7.00/box x 2 boxes/month = $14.00/month x 3 years = $504.00
Net savings $464.01!!!

Using a menstrual cup pays for itself after just three months and saves you around $500.00.

Besides the obvious benefits of using a menstrual cup: less waste, more convenience, and the fact that it is incredibly comfortable, the cost savings for this product are amazing! Also, since it is so small, it is really easy to just keep in your bag in the event that your period comes unexpectedly. In my opinion, that’s much better than an emergency run to the store or having to awkwardly ask your co-worker if they have a tampon.

Since transitioning I have not looked back once. This product truly changed “that time of the month” for me. In fact, it is so comfortable I truly forget I have it in! I’ll take that over an uncomfortable tampon any day!

Read more of Lauren's amazing life without trash from her blog Trash is for Tossers!


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Emily Green

Feb 25, 2016 AT 18:15 PM

In Canada we have the DivaCup and I love it! I've never looked back either. For the DivaCup they sell Divawash which comes in a small/medium plastic bottle (it's concentrated to reduce packaging at least) but I wondered if you'd recommend a plastic-free alternative to wash the cup.

Lunette Team

Mar 02, 2016 AT 17:51 PM

Hi Emily!

We have our own cup cleanser as well and it comes in a recyclable bottle. The cleanser is super plentiful and one bottle lasts easily over a year!

If you want to know Lauren's method to washing her cup, visit her blog http://www.trashisfortossers.com, tweet her or ask in Facebook. I'm sure she'd be super happy to help you! :)



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