The Instagram Artist You Need To Follow For Your Daily Dose of Real Sh*t

If you’re all about body empowerment and being unapologetically yourself, then meet your new favorite person – Ariella from The Cheeky Blog! Not only are her illustrations so REAL and relatable, but she’s breaking stigmas all around, from body image to menstrual taboos!

What inspired you to start The Cheeky Blog?

The women in my life and the conversations we have about our bodies inspired me to start Cheeky. Through connecting on shared and personal experiences, I began to feel a lot more at home in my skin -- upper lip hair, jiggly thighs, period globs and all. I hope my illustrations spark similar conversations and help alleviate some of the shame and isolation so many of us feel in relation to our bodies.

Cheeky Blog Periods
Illustration by Ariella from The Cheeky Blog

How has social media impacted your work, and has it changed since using these platforms?

Instagram has been such a fabulous way to circulate my work and connect with other creatives. All of my collaborations thus far have come from instagram connections. Social media definitely has its downsides, but Instagram has been such a positive environment in which to grow Cheeky.

Do you feel like your art has helped you become more comfortable in your own skin?

It really has! I’m discussing so many insecurities that a year ago I would be far too embarrassed to share. Seeing others connect and relate has made me feel so much less alone. These “imperfections” have become thrilling to illustrate and share. Letting go of the pressure to look a certain way is hard -- and a process -- but I’m getting there and Cheeky is helping.

Menstruation is a big part of your art – what has been the response from your followers regarding periods?

It’s been a great mix of sharing their own personal stories in comments or via direct messages along with this sense of period pride!

Periods and stains
Illustration by Ariella from The Cheeky Blog

How has social media changed the way we approach menstruation and body image topics?

I think it’s been a great tool for connecting with one another and seeing a range of experiences and body types. Social media definitely has its downsides, but I think the main positive outcome is the exposure to a wider range of stories and people.

Want to see more of Cheeky? Follow her on Instagram for more illustrations that will have you saying “yaass kween” over and over again!

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