Lunette’s Sex Survey: What’s Not to Love?

We want to banish the taboo around having sex during periods, so we surveyed 300 people to better understand the state of sex and menstruation in 2020. Respondents ranged in age from 18 to over 45, but the majority were between the age of 25-34.  

We believe that periods shouldn’t stop you from doing anything you want and that includes sex – either with a partner or by yourself! Not many talk about having sex while menstruating, but if an average person spends the equivalent of 10 years of their life menstruating, shouldn’t that be something to consider? Does it mean getting jiggy with it is off the table for all that time? To find out more, keep on reading to see our favourite stats from the survey. 

First things first 

Orgasms have been proven to release endorphins, which are chemicals that increase feelings of pleasure and ease the feeling of pain. So, whether you’re cramping physically (or emotionally!) period sex might be a bloody good idea. Our survey revealed that 52% not only thought about it, but actually enjoy sex and masturbation on a weekly basis. A whopping 64% claimed that their sexy time with their partner lasted for less than an hour, but definitely more than just minutes. There is no right or wrong amount of time that sex "should" last. Sure, you can be disappointed that someone didn’t last as long as you would’ve liked them to, but you can't really fault someone for coming too fast. In fact, less than half say they orgasm when having sex with their partner. 

Bloody good fun  

Believe it or not, there are many benefits to having sex when on your period. Blood is a natural lubricant and orgasms can provide great pain relief, so it’s no wonder that 56% have sex during their period.  However, embarrassment, worry about the mess and pain seem to be few of the main reasons that half the respondents avoid being intimate while menstruating. One question that often plays in people’s mind is if period sex is safe and sanitary? Abso-freaking-lutely! While it is completely safe for both parties involved, it may feel uncomfortable for some women as the cervix is in a lower position, so listening to your body is especially important during your menstrual cycle.  

Self-love is self-care 

There’s nothing more relaxing, healthy and ah-mazing than masturbating to alleviate period pain. Unsurprisingly, 75% enjoy masturbation during menstruation and 80% have an orgasm every time! Who said masturbating on your period has to be messy or ick? If you’re like us, then you know how life-saving using a Lunette menstrual cup can be, providing a totally mess-free experience. Go ahead and grab your favorite sex toy and pleasure yourself – a healthy majority (57%) of respondents said they do! 

Put off by the mess

The survey revealed that 46% have used their Lunette Cup during non-penetrative period sex with a partner. When it comes to penetrative sex, some great ways to minimize the post-loving clean-up is to venture to the shower, invest in some period towels – ideally dark ones, or if you’re in the middle of a heavy flow - enjoy oral sex instead. That way your Lunette Menstrual Cup can stay right where it is. No pressure. No drama. 


For more insights from our survey, follow @lunettecup on Instagram as we will roll out the rest of the results on social media! 


Nice posting.Thank you for sharing this post such a useful information.

RockChica July 29, 2022

@Anja Opossum

“but how should performing oral sex on my partner relieve my period pain????”

Sweet summer child. That is not what they said at all.

Anon March 04, 2021

„if you’re in the middle of a heavy flow – enjoy oral sex instead“
I can only speak for myself, but how should performing oral sex on my partner relieve my period pain????

Anyway – your theory about Menstruation, pain and masturbation is really interesting. But I am one of the “unfortunate” women, who cannot use it as pain relief. It is even worse. About 2-3 days before my period starts, I cannot masturbate without really bad pain following the orgasm.
It’s the best way to know, when my period will come. I’m a doctor myself and I already consulted my obstetrician about it. There is nothing wrong with me.
As you say – every Body is different ;-)


Anja Opossum July 11, 2020

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