High cervix, low cervix and your menstrual cup

Do you know what a cervix looks like? If you haven’t already searched Google images for it (which we highly recommend you do), we’re here to break it down for ya. During menstruation, the cervix plays a key role in this process. Knowing where your period comes from not only helps you understand your body more, but it empowers you!

Ok, but what even is a cervix?

It’s basically the “neck” of the uterus. Wait...my uterus has a neck….? Sort of. It’s a narrow neck-like passage that lies below the uterus and above the vagina. During menstruation, the blood travels down a pin-sized hole into the vaginal canal. How freaking awesome is that?

For some people, the cervix moves significantly lower during their period. Since the cervix is usually relatively high in the vagina and the menstrual cup is placed low in the vagina, the cervix remains above the cup. If the cervix sits low, it may be positioned inside the cup. In contrast, tampons generally sit further up inside the vagina, just where the cervix is located.

High cervix, low cervix and your menstrual cup

Menstrual cup leaks are more frequent for women when the cervix moves lower during menstruation or if their menstrual cup has been inserted too high in the vagina, (next to the cervix, or above it). The menstrual cup might also exert pressure on the cervix and cause discomfort and even pain. The best way to evaluate the position of your cervix is to determine if there’s leakage — if you’ve experienced leakage even when the cup has been opened, make sure that the cup is placed significantly lower than the cervix. In some women, the cervix fits best inside the menstrual cup – you’ll know what feels right. For many women, the cervix descends after giving birth, for others, it’s naturally situated low in the vagina. If you’ve given birth, you should exercise the pelvic diaphragm muscles by doing kegels. Keeping these muscles in shape is useful when using the menstrual cup. The upside? It also has the added benefit of reducing incontinence and improving sex. Who wouldn’t want that?

If you haven’t experienced menstrual cup leakage and still can’t seem to locate your cervix, there is no need go on an expedition. You’re just one of many women whose cervix is deep in the vagina – and it does not affect the use of a menstrual cup in any way! Remember, your body has its own divine internal landscape, so navigating this will be key to your comfort and success with your menstrual cup.

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Hi Gita,
sorry to hear that your cup is leaking. Check out our blogpost about why the cup could be leaking: https://www.lunette.com/blogs/news/9-reasons-why-your-menstrual-cup-might-be-leaking and do not hesitate to send us an email or contact us through our contact form for further assistance.
Best regards, Team Lunette

Lunette Cup March 28, 2022

I’m an asian woman with no idea how high or low my cervix are. But i’ve been using lunette model 1 for 6 months and it always leak eventhough it has opened and i put it so low the stem is out. How to troubleshoot this? And everytime i want to empty it i always find my cup so deep inside. It’s like it move deeper. I dont want to give up my mc but i find it frustating to always leak no matter what i do.

Gita March 28, 2022

Re: fara’s comment

That is happen to me as well and i have been hesitant to try my diva cup again… it happen twice so i know it was the cup. Tried one month without and had the cramps i usually would. But when i had used the cup prior to this new pain it actually eleviated my cramps this pain however is completely different and doesn’t go away after i take the cup out. It’ll last hours until it subsides.

Kat March 11, 2021

Hi Rylla! Thanks for your question! It can be that your cervix is lower this month and is pushing the Cup out. It’s normal for cervix position to change along your cycle and life, things like diet, exercise, birth control and more/less sex and effect the position. If you have further questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@lunette.com, our Menstrual Mentors are happy to assist! :)
-Team Lunette

Lunette Menstrual Mentor March 04, 2021


I’ve been using a menstrual cup for about 3 months.

Last month was great and it worked perfectly

This month I notice that even though the seal has been activated (when I tug the stem it doesn’t come out) the cup feels like it’s too low, when I squat I can feel the base of the cup.

Is this normal?

Rylla Pillay March 04, 2021

Hi Laura! Thanks for your message! Try wearing the Cup lower if possible. If the stem of the Cup protrudes you can trim it, or cut it off completely. If you have the larger size Model 2 Cup, then the smaller Model 1 Cup is recommended as it is typically more comfortable with a low cervix. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@lunette.com if you have further questions, our Menstrual Mentors are happy to help! ☺️
-Team Lunette

Lunette Menstrual Mentor January 19, 2021

My cervix is low and it sits inside the cup. There is no leakage but the suction of the cup or it touching the cervix hurts my cervix sometimes. Do i need a different size or style of cup?

Laura January 19, 2021

Hi Fara!

Thanks for reaching out! If you feel like something is off and causing you concern it’s always best to contact your doctor.

Team Lunette

Lunette Menstrual Mentor January 03, 2020

I’d used cup for 10 months but now I can’t sustain it inside my body and it causes pain, however without it I’m ok. I feel tight inside my vagina. Should I see a doctor? I visited doctor 4 months ago but just had vaginal check up without any sonography

Fara January 03, 2020

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