Can a Period Product be a Feminist Choice?

We’ll tell you how a period product can be a feminist choice.

  1. We get it. Not everyone experiences their period in the same way. For some, being on your period is not at all a positive experience. Obviously, the team members at Lunette are proud of ours periods and we are happy to celebrate our bodies ability to menstruate! (Fun fact: Not all bodies menstruate. And not all people who menstruate identify as women.)
  2. Periods are red, not blue. Period blood is red. Period.
  3. You don’t need to shame your periods. Approximately one billion people are on their periods right now, so you can talk about them. We do, and we recommend you to do the same.
  4. When you use a menstrual cup, you will be more in touch with your body. There isn’t any reason why you should try to hide your periods. With a Lunette cup, you can learn to track your periods and the consistency of the blood, and you will learn that your body can do this amazing thing that doesn’t need to be faded away.
  5. Talking about periods will help the world. Yes, you heard it right. Billions of girls can't attend school, or they are prohibited doing many things because they bleed. Periods are not a disease but a natural part how the human body works.

The newest video from Lunette was filmed on the streets of New York! The vibe:

  • Screw period shaming!
  • Feminism is for everyone!
  • Being a feminist starts with respecting yourself.


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