6 Strange Period Myths

Mon Nov 9 19:27:00 2015

6 strange period myths you need to know about.

Period myths. We've heard them all. Okay, maybe not all- but we've definitely heard more than our fare share (being in the menstrual cup business and all.) And just because we felt like it, team Lunette has compiled a few absurd menstruation myths for your enjoyment on the blog today. Now get scrolling!

1. Myth: Based on a New Guinea belief- Any contact a man had with menstrual blood -or even with a menstruating woman - would, as one anthropologist put it, ''corrupt his vital juices, permanently dull his wits and eventually lead to slow death.’' Source

2. Myth: You can’t get pregnant on your period. The truth: Though highly unlikely, there is still a chance that you can ovulate during menstruation. (Thank you unpredictable menstrual cycles!) that's bs

3. Myth: You cannot go swimming during your period. The truth: Feel free to enjoy swimming or diving while on your period! There is currently no data that proves that sharks are more attracted to menstruating persons than those not "riding the crimson wave." Shark Week

4. Myth: You can’t have sex while on your period. The truth: Having sex while menstruation is totally okay to avoid, however, if you’re in the mood- safe and consensual sex is totally cool! Lay a towel down or hop in the shower. You and your partner may even dig the extra lube! (BONUS: Some menstruating people have reported that achieving orgasm helps to relieve their menstrual cramps!) 

5. Myth: Menstrual cups will affect your virginity. The truth: The definition of virginity is complicated. Traditionally, a virgin is someone who has never had sex. Many people find that the term “virgin” is really limited- and don’t even care to really definite what exactly a virgin is. If you are worried about keeping your hymen intact know that yes, there is a possibility that a menstrual cup, or a tampon, or riding a horse, dancing, even masturbation can tear one’s hymen. Keep in mind that estrogen naturally primes the tissue to stretch and wear away as females develop- so “breaking your hymen” doesn’t at all mean that you’ve lost your “virginity.”

6. Myth: Taking a bath can stop your monthly flow..and other weird things like, make your hair fall out. The truth: Taking a bath won’t reverse your menstrual flow back into your body… or make your hair fall out. Actually, taking a warm, soothing bath can relieve painful menstrual cramps and help with anxiety. 

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